I just realized something. I’ve never quite thought about what my future children will really one day be like. Then today, just now – I did. I saw a video and it pulled at my heart strings and stirred up warmth within my stomach. I’m not homophobic nor have I ever been. I have gay family members whom I love very much and some of my closest friends are also a part of the LGBTQ community. I don’t think of these people in my life any differently than I do the straight people in my life. The video I saw has no title. It showed a boy and the boy he had some sort of romantic relationship with. The boy’s father seemed to disprove of this relationship, but it is revealed in the end that the dad loves his son for exactly who he is. With almost no words included in this video, I was struck. I immediately saw myself as a parent with a child who identifies as something other than straight and I had nothing but overflowing love for this child of mine. I’m only twenty and I am in no means planning on having children any time soon, however; any child of mine will be unconditionally loved no matter who they are.

HERE I have attached the link.


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